From bier halls to food stalls, Dortmunder has championed better beer since 1873

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Dortmunder Union Pils is a crisp, pale lager that complements grilled or barbequed meats, fried potatoes and a host of traditional biergarten food, from sausages to sauerkraut.

Deciding to stock Dortmunder is just the start. See Dortmunder in action
Deciding to stock Dortmunder is just the start.


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Hear from the customers who stock and enjoy Dortmunder Read reviews
Hear from the customers who stock and enjoy Dortmunder

Happy Customers

Signature Brands have been really helpful in making sure, we got what we want from the relationship - so they have been more than helpful with that Customer Review
Its really well received from customers and its in our top sellers' - Albert’s Schloss, Manchester
1887 Read the story

The Dortmunder Story

Dortmunder is a range of premium German beer with a long and rich history. It began life at the Struck Brewery in the industrial city of Dortmund, which was turned into a stockholder company named “Dortmunder Union-Brauerei Actiengesellschaft” in 1873. The head brewer at this time was Fritz Brikhoff—an accomplished young brewer mainly creating a deep golden beer now known as Dortmunder Export.

In 1887, something happened that changed the future of the brewery forever. Instead of the usual combination of malted and unmalted barley, someone in the brew house mashed in a brew of nothing but malt. The mistake wasn’t noticed through the rest of the brewing process, and the resulting beer was shipped accidentally to a pub who served it to their customers.

The ‘mistake’ beer was a sensation and the pale, Pils style Dortmunder Union beer was born. By the turn of the century, Dortmunder Union Brewery was brewing more of its accidental Pilsner than its export lager, although both beers had become immensely popular with the workers of the industrial movement.


Thanks to the German Beer Purity Law, you'll never have swigged a purer lager



Dortmunder Union Pils is a pale lager influenced from the beer of Pilsen, which is otherwise known as Pilsner. Gold in colour with a moderate bitterness, Dortmunder has a lean and attenuated body but is full of character, packs of flavour and has a beautiful crisp finish.

Like all Dortmunder beers, Union Pils is brewed to strict German Beer Purity Laws and made with nothing but pure malt, Hallertau hops and Dortmunder Water. This purity leads to an unmistakably clean, crisp flavour whether enjoyed by the can, pint or bierhall-style stein. Authentically brewed in Germany to this day, Dortmunder Union Pils is imported exclusively into the UK by LWC.

Union Pils has a crisp taste with hints of malt and hops.

  • 4.8%
  • Available on draught in 50ltr kegs and 330ml cans
Dortmunder Vier

Dortmunder Vier

A premium lager beer, Dortmunder originated in the industrial city of Dortmund, Germany.

Brewed by Dortmunder Union in 1873, this light golden beer became very popular with the workers of the industrial movement and was responsible for Dortmunder Union becoming Germany's largest Brewery.

A worthy beer for its hard working patrons.

  • 4%
  • Available on draught in 50ltr kegs and 330ml cans

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The figures speak for themselves, CGA on premise measurement data for 16/17 shows Dortmunder has more than 3 times the YoY sales growth than the average in the premier lager category.

Premium Lager Category
Union Pils
Union Vier
Rates of sale increase
16% 53%
40% 77%
% of customers showing ROS increase YOY


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